Michele Bachmann: Obama's Economic Plan Is "Intending to Fail"

Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke at CPAC today. During her talk she said that Obama’s economic plan is “intending to fail.”

You mean, you can’t spend your way out of a deep recession with other people’s money?

Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats tripled the national deficit in one year. They will likely top that this year.

The staunch conservative gave a terrific speech full of grade A red meat. Be prepared for a serious lib meltdown following her talk today.


UPDATE: The Politico has a report on her speech:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) urged conservatives Friday to fight to prevent an American “decline” created by the policies of President Barack Obama.

In a long and meandering speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference evoking numerous historical references to the American Revolution and the Second World War, Bachmann said that time and again Americans have chosen “greatness” over “decline.”

Conservatives, Bachmann argued, are the only ones positioned now to choose greatness.

“The joy of being an American is that we get to choose. We get to choose our destiny, whether it is decline or greatness,” she said.

Recalling an early trip Obama made abroad in which the president asserted that while he does believe in American exceptionalism he’s also sure other countries believe in their own superiority, Bachmann blasted him for not unequivocally establishing American dominance.

“If everyone is exceptional, then no one is exceptional,” she said. “Decline can happen quickly, even to a great nation. It’s a sobering thought.”

Moving to her criticism of the president’s spending, Bachmann pointed to a chart of rising federal deficits.

“This is intending to fail,” she said.

“They have left us holding an invoice of $105 trillion in unfunded federal liabilities,” she went on, alluding to the federal government’s entitlement programs. “Sounds to me like someone is choosing decline.”

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