Conservative Tea Party Candidate Adam Andrzejewski is within striking distance.

From the Andrzejewski campaign insiders–

Metro East St. Louis may decide primary.
There is a record low turnout in the Chicago burbs. Downstate and specifically Metro East will determine outcome for Adam, Hughes, others. Please pump conservative GOTV hard.

UPDATE: (6:30 PM CST) Exit polls show a two man race and one of them is Adam. VOTE!


Here is an earlier video from Chicago:

UPDATE: If you haven’t read this yet— Founding Bloggers has a great post on how the Chicago media is isn’t reporting on Adam’s campaign.

UPDATE: The Other McCain is following the primary today.

UPDATE: The Politico is tracking the primary results as they come in. Adam climbed to #2.

UPDATE: Adam is 4th place with 24% of the precincts reporting.

UPDATE: Adam is still in 4th with 26 precincts reporting. The Sun-Times is also tracking results. Mark Kirk is winning handily in the GOP Senate primary.
Here are the results with 30% reporting:

McKenna , Andy GOP 31,576 26%
Ryan , Jim GOP 24,080 20%
Dillard , Kirk GOP 23,361 19%
Andrzejewski , Adam GOP 18,176 15%

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the night did not end well for our tea party favorite Adam Andrzejewski. He started his sprint to the finish much too late in the race. It is a loss for Illinois. Instead the voters chose a seasoned politician.
Here are the latest totals with 98% of precincts reporting:
Brady , Bill GOP 154,225 21%
Dillard , Kirk GOP 152,510 20%
McKenna , Andy GOP 141,840 19%
Ryan , Jim GOP 126,718 17%
Andrzejewski , Adam GOP 108,629 15%

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