Econuts Now Insist Third-Hand Smoke Is Bad For You

These statists won’t be happy until they control your every breath…
A recent scientific study released by a group of American scientists insists that third-hand smoke is harmful and may cause cancer.

Lara Gundel, a co-author of the study, is a staff member of the Obama government’s Environmental energy Technologies Division.

The Age reported:

You know smoking is bad for you. You know inhaling someone else’s smoke is bad for you. Now a US study says third-hand smoke — tobacco residue clinging to surfaces — is also bad for you.

When a cigarette burns, nicotine is released in the form of a vapor that collects and condenses on indoor surfaces such as walls, carpeting, drapes and furniture, where it can linger for months, said the study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

“Our study shows that when this residual nicotine reacts with ambient nitrous acid it forms carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines, or TSNAs,” said Hugo Destaillats, a corresponding author of the study.

“TSNAs are among the most broadly acting and potent carcinogens present in unburned tobacco and tobacco smoke,” he said.

The most likely human exposure to TSNAs is through either inhalation of dust or the contact of skin with carpet or clothes — making third-hand smoke particularly dangerous to infants and toddlers.

Ken Solomon added:


I’ll be damned if a few leftist, do-gooder, ‘we-know-what’s-best-for-you’, maniacs get to decide what you can do with a fully legal product in the privacy of your own home and vehicle.

Cass Sunstein and his merry band of Marxist assistants to Obama are ‘nudging’ your individual freedoms, liberties and Rights straight out from under you.

This ‘third-hand-smoke’ garbage is a perfect example. It starts with a ‘study’ of a legal thing that some folks don’t like being legal. The study gets done by an agenda-driven entity, usually financed by a taxpayer-funded government grant. Then, since there’s almost never any challenge to any of the results and ‘scientific’ publicity because the results are always written as “it’s for the children”, something gets put to Congress about banning or regulating whatever the study was about.

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