Chris Matthews Compares Republicans To North Korea’s Pyongyang Assembly (Video)

When will MSNBC get rid of this kook?
Chris Matthews compared the Republicans at the bi-partisan Obama health care lecture to North Korea’s Pyongyang Assembly… because they oppose Obama’s socialist health care plan(?)

Click on Picture for Video–

Here’s Chris Matthews’ latest hate speech:

“Anybody who’s ever watched, by the way, the North Korean assembly meet. Where everybody looks, acts very much in terms of their behavior, very similarly and actually says the same things. Watch the Republicans now. This is the closest thing to Pyongyang democracy I’ve ever seen. These guys. If you think the democrats are swimming together. Watch this. Here’s there simple message, ‘kill the bill and start over.’ Let’s listen to how well they stuck together in their talking points. This is frighteningly, well. You’ll watch it. This is something, this is not. We’re not used to seeing this in the West.“ – Chris Matthews.

It was like the little red book they were waving in their hands. I mean, these guys. I’ve never heard such synchronized swimming with words.”

Now who’s waving the little red book again?

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