Barack Obama: George Bush Is the "Real Outrage"

Barack Obama blasted former President George W. Bush today saying his administration was the “real outrage.”

George Bush didn’t do this.

He didn’t triple the deficit in one year… And then joke about it.

The Daily Caller reported:


Speaking at the Democratic National Committee winter meeting at the Capitol Hilton in snow-drenched Washington today, President Obama touted new figures from the Labor Department showing a 0.3 percent decrease in the unemployment rate and took a few shots at former President Bush.

Faced with mounting national opposition to his party’s platform, the president reminded voters the real reason the trillion-dollar stimulus package still hasn’t reduced unemployment to 8 percent as promised: Bush did it, and it’ll take a lot of time to undo it.

“The country cannot return to the “dereliction of duty that helped deliver this recession,” Obama said. He added that the previous administration’s role in the economic meltdown was the “real outrage.”

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