DC Media to Sen. Scott Brown: Are You Comfortable With That Image of 'The Party of No'? (Video)

Senator Brown: “I’m Here to Do the People’s Business”

Senator Scott Brown arrived in Washington DC this morning to meet with fellow senators.
The state-run media was there to greet him and ask him, “Are you comfortable with that image of “The Party of No” or will you work with democrats?”
(How’s that for media bias?)
Welcome to Washington:

Senator-elect Scott Brown, who won Ted Kennedy’s seat for the Republicans, arrived in Washington Thursday to get acquainted with his new work place, where he vowed to work across party lines.

This guy is good…


Media: Do you think Republicans will have to operated differently now that you’ve become the 41st vote in the Senate?

Scott Brown: I think everyone is the 41st vote now. It’s not just Republicans. It’s not just in Massachusetts by around the country, the lack of transparency and backroom deals and lack of solving problems is getting old. They want us to take care of the people’s business.

Media: Are you comfortable with that image of the “party of no” or would you like to work with democrats more on their legislation?

Scott Brown: I’m from Massachusetts where 85% of the delegation is democrat. And, I have a history of working across party lines.

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