Scott Brown Raises $750,000 in Single Day- Going For $1 Million …Update: Boston Herald Backs Brown …Update: $1,000,000- Done!

Money Bomb For Scott Brown

Check out this incredible video from the debate tonight:
“It’s not Teddy Kennedy’s seat. It’s the people’s seat.”

Wow! This guy is awesome.
Republican Scott Brown has raised $750,000 in today’s money bomb.
He’s going for $1,000,000.

** You can donate to Scott Brown here.


Meanwhile, Fred Bauer breaks down the latest poll and it may not be the best news for Democrat Coakley.

—The debate tonight will be livestreamed at WHDH.

UPDATE: The Boston Herald endorsed Scott Brown today.
Earlier today Massachusetts Troopers backed Scott Brown.

UPDATE: Brown has reached the $800,000 mark.

UPDATE: (8:00 CST) The total is now at $930,000.

UPDATE: (8:46 PM CST) Done- Brown raises over $1,000,000 in one day.

UPDATE: I’m just watching the C-SPAN debate and that independent candidate Joe Kennedy is an idiot. He just blamed the US for Al-Qaeda hating us.
… Idiot.
Oh, and Martha Coakley is a loon. She supports withdrawal from Afghanistan because the Taliban is no longer in Afghanistan. What?

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