Republican Scott Brown Tells Sean Hannity He Will Be 41st Vote Against Obamacare (Video)

“I will stop it.”

Republican Scott Brown told Sean Hannity tonight that he would be the 41st vote against Obamacare if he is elected to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate.

Brown was just awesome on Hannity tonight.
Here is the entire interview:

Brown said he would not just be a rubberstamp for democrats like his opponent Martha Coakley but would continue to be a “Scott Brown” independent Republican. Brown also mentioned that he won election to the Massachusetts Senate by 20 points in 2008. Brown has climbed back within 9 points in the race.

You can donate to Scott Brown’s campaign here.

More… Today Democrat Paul Kirk told the State House News service that he would continue to serve in the United States Senate until the health care vote is taken if Scott Brown wins the election.

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