People Mag Claims Obama Is Lonely in Office… Forgets to Mention the 170 White House Parties- 1 Every 3 Days

The Obama propaganda outlet known as People Magazine sat down with the President Obama this week to celebrate his first disastrous year in office.
The magazine claims President Obama is lonely in office.

Obama greets party guests at the White House.

The state-run media wanted to paint a picture of a lonely president. (What about Bush?) They completely ignore that the Obamas have turned the White House into party central.
CBS News reported:

First lady Michelle Obama’s 46th birthday is on Sunday, just a few days before President Obama marks the first anniversary of his inauguration.

People magazine sat down with the first couple to talk about the past year.

Betsy Gleick, People’s executive editor, filled “Early Show” viewers in on the candid session.

Gleick said the headline of the interview is that Michelle and Barack are optimistic about the country’s direction, but that there are huge challenges ahead for the U.S.

“Early Show” co-anchor Harry Smith pointed out that the president talked a lot about “being in the bubble” of the powerful office.

Gleick called Barack’s words on the subject “touching.”

He just talked about the loneliness of the job. And some of the loneliness, he embraces. He realizes that he has big decisions that he alone needs to make,” she said. “But he misses being out among regular people.”

Smith said rhe People magazine photo spread is among the best he’s seen of the couple.

Gleick said the pictures show the genuine affection between the President and first lady.

“They’re comfortable,” she said. “They have sort of taken to life in the White House. Their children have taken to life in the White House.”

The article forgot to mention that the Obama White House has held one party every three days his first year in office.

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