Obama's Mentor Wright Preaches in Orlando– Bashes Bush & Iraq War

Barack Obama’s nutty mentor and father figure, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was back at the pulpit again this weekend bashing George W. Bush and the Iraq War.
No wonder Obama liked him so much.

He toned down his rhetoric a bit and refrained from G-Damming AmeriKKKa since he was just visiting the Orlando congregation.
The Orlando Sentinel reported:

Some who attended the anniversary celebration said they appreciated the chance to see Wright in person.

“People could actually see him as the preacher, as opposed to the negative celebrity,” said Adrienne Perry, a member of the church, who found Wright to be a gifted communicator. “I could see why he was the senior pastor for all the years in Chicago.”

Wright’s sermon focused on the protection that God provides, as he shared family stories and Scripture with hundreds of worshippers.

“What you can’t see is you are not alone,” he said. “The struggle didn’t start with you, and the struggle will not end with you.”

The politically minded pastor peppered his preaching with criticism of the Iraq war and President George W. Bush’s handling of foreign policy. He also encouraged the African-American community to embrace its history.

“So many of our young people know so very little about what our older people had to live through,” he said. “Back in the days when black folk couldn’t vote — and now we’ve got black people who won’t vote.”

Wasn’t this flake supposed to be retired?

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