Leading Mass Blue Blog: "Yes It Sucks But Vote For Coakley Anyway"

Oh, this is rich…
The leading Massachusetts liberal blog Blue Mass Group is encouraging voters to plug their nose, bite their lip and vote for Martha Coakley.
“Yes it sucks. Yes You have to vote for Coakley”

Best line: “Meanwhile, Harry Reid races to catch Ben Nelson’s and Joe Lieberman’s farts on Capitol Hill.”

Let’s get this out of the way. You might not want to vote for Martha Coakley. You might think she deserves what’s she’s getting after an absentee, self-satisfied campaign (why should I bail her out?). You likely want to send a message to everyone from the attorney general all the way to every Democratic official in Washington, DC. Odds are you didn’t vote for her in the primary. And, you might be wondering if it’ll make a difference who wins this Tuesday.

You got every reason to be pissed
, but it needs to be clear: not voting for Coakley is the same as voting for Brown. And voting for Brown is a very, very bad thing.

sabutai :: Yes it sucks. Yes you have to vote Coakley.

Pissed? Me, too. Not just because I supported Mike Capuano. I’m frankly pissed about Washington, DC. Things are going very wrong — President Obama was absent from the process as the public option was killed, and would rather tax public servants in the middle class with so-called “Cadillac health insurance” then ask the wealthy to pay their fair share. Health care reform is heading toward a route where more money comes from the middle class, with about half going to people who need health care, and half going to the insurance companies. Oh, and Guantanamo is still open while American soldiers walk the streets in Baghdad and Kabul. Remember Employee Free Choice? Meanwhile, Harry Reid races to catch Ben Nelson’s and Joe Lieberman’s farts on Capitol Hill.

Fired up.
Hat Tip R. Grant.

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