It's OK For Harry Reid to Use "Negro" But It's Not OK On the US Census?

This is getting so confusing…
The far left communists, socialists, radicals and democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus released a statement today saying they’re cool with Harry Reid calling Obama a light-skinned negro.

(The Grio Photo)
But, at the same time blacks are outraged that the US Census is using the word “negro” on its 2010 form.
My FOX DC reported:

It’s a new decade, which means that the U.S. Census Bureau is hard at work getting the nation’s more than 300 million residents to fill out a 10-question form that determines how the federal government doles out its money.

But one question is causing some controversy. Specifically question No. 9 asks “What is Person 1’s race?” The answer choices are “White; Black, African-American, or Negro; American Indian or Alaska Native.”

The Grio reports that many older blacks preferred to be called “Negro.” “Some prefer it because of their complexion, whether they’re light-skinned or dark,” said Jeanne R. Stanley, a retiree in Richmond, Va. “Others still have a slave mentality. There are a lot of people who still have a color complex.”


But younger generations are angered by the use of the term.

“I find the word ‘Negro’ to be quite offensive when it comes to the census and separating and differentiating among races because of the history of the use of the word,” said Taryn Anthony, a 25-year old graduate student. “I’ve yet to hear someone use it in a respectable manner, so placing it on a census seems as yet another way to set back African-Americans.”

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