Do Over… Steele Says "Absolutely" GOP Can Take Back Congress in 2010 (Video)

Well… He’s a quick study.
After his awful day earlier this week where he said he didn’t think Republicans would win control of the House in 2010 and said they weren’t ready, Michael Steele came back today and redeemed himself, sort of. The RNC Chairman announced on “Meet the Press” today that “absolutely” the GOP is on track to take back the U.S. Congress in the 2010 Mid-term elections.

Video from Freedom’s Lighthouse:

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MR. GREGORY: Let me be clear. Chairman Steele, do you think Republicans will regain control of Congress, yes or no?

MR. STEELE: Absolutely. Absolutely. The rate we’re going now, the, the, the ground game we’re putting in place, we absolutely can take the Congress back this, this year. There will not be a 60-seat majority for the Democrats come January of next year. There’s parity that’s going to be created, and the, and the Republicans are going to create that parity.

Michael Steele also called for Harry Reid to step down today after Reid’s racially charged comments about Barack Obama were revealed this weekend.
Maybe there’s hope for the RNC Chairman yet?

UPDATE: Chairman Steele will have to do a better job reaching out to the Tea Party patriots.
It he took time to speak with them that would be a good start.

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