Disgraceful. Notre Dame's President Fr. Jenkins Says Obama Visit Was a Success


As the most radical pro-abortion president in history currently pushes a nationalized health care bill that includes abortion coverage, the President of Notre Dame told reporters this week that the decision to host Barack Obama at commencement last year was an honor.
LifeSiteNews reported:

The unprecedented controversy that rent the U.S. Catholic community over President Obama’s abortion-themed commencement speech and his reception of an honorary law degree at the University of Notre Dame last May has apparently not fazed the school’s president, who called the climax of the scandal “a successful” day that he does not regret.

When asked in a South Bend Tribune interview published December 27 whether he would do it all over again, Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins answered, “Yes, I would.”

“He is the president of the United States, and there was a tradition of Notre Dame inviting presidents to be commencement speakers and receive honorary degrees, and we continue that tradition,” he said. Jenkins went on to point out the historicity of Obama as the nation’s first black president, saying it was “an honor for us to welcome him to campus.”

“For all the controversy, I think it was a successful day,” he said.

Barack Obama voted four times in support of infanticide.

Fr. Jenkins is a disgrace.

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