Crazy Keith Olbermann Lies About Kenneth Gladney Attack

“Worst Person in the World” Keith Olbermann was caught in a lie last night during his unhinged talk show. The far left liar told his audience that Kenneth Gladney was not attacked outside of the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting last August.

“… when the summer confrontation when witnesses claimed a teabagger was brutally beaten despite the videotape that shows him … not being brutally beaten.”

Here’s the video from last night’s show that is chock full of lies and half-truths.

Of course, that is a total lie. Here is a photo of one of the SEIU members being arrested after beating and stomping on Kenneth Gladney at the Carnahan town hall.

He wasn’t hauled to jail for jaywalking, Keith.
Here’s the video after Kenneth was attacked.


Dana Loesch has several screengrabs from the attack outside of Russ Carnahan’s meeting.

And, by the way, Kenneth is not a “teabagger”, Keith.
He was a vendor.

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