Bummer. Mark McGwire Admits to Using Steroids (Video)

McGwire admits to using steroids in the home run chase.

Former St. Louis Cardinal great Mark McGwire admitted today to using steroids.
Dude was kind of big.

SI reported:

Mark McGwire’s voice repeatedly cracked with emotion during a telephone interview with The Associated Press as he recounted telling his wife, parents and son that he had used steroids.

His voice breaking, McGwire says, “It’s the first time they’ve ever heard me, you know, talk about this. I hid it from everybody.”

During a 20-minute phone call Monday, McGwire says he called commissioner Bud Selig and Cardinals manager Tony La Russa earlier in the day to personally apologize.

Dang it. And I was at that game when he tied the home run record.
Does anybody want a “Mark McGwire – Heroes Lift Us Up” plaque?
Hat Tip Ed S.

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