Brown Leads Coakley 58-42 in Absentee Ballots– Coakley Losing 1 in 5 Dems to Brown …BIG UPDATE: BROWN PRESS CONFERENCE- PRESSING CHARGES AGAINST DEM PARTY

The (democ)rats are jumping ship.

One in five democrats in Massachusetts is going with Scott Brown.

And, there’s more bad news for democrat Martha Coakley…
Scott Brown is leading in the absentee voting 58-42. 9% of registered voters said they have already cast a ballot.
Real Clear Politics reported:

Coakley loses one-in-five Democrats to Brown, while the Republican state senator has 94 percent of Republicans behind him. Brown has a commanding 58-37 advantage among “unenrolled” voters, mainly independents and those who prefer not to register affiliation with the major parties.

A trend worth noting as well: 9 percent of voters say they’d already cast a ballot through absentee voting. Brown leads Coakley among this group 58-42.

BIG UPDATE—- Scott Brown is holding a press conference at 4:00 PM EST.
(From contacts in Massachusetts)
He may sue the Democratic Party for using his picture on ads as a UPS driver.
Red Mass has the document:


January 16, 2010


Dan Winslow, counsel for the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign, will hold a media availability to announce the filing of a criminal complaint against the Massachusetts Democratic Party regarding a recent mailing paid for and sent by the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Winslow will make a statement and take reporters’ questions at MassGOP Headquarters in Boston TODAY at 4:00 PM.

Massachusetts GOP Headquarters
85 Merrimac Street, 4th Floor

Wow! Just WOW!

The Boston Herald reported on this Coakley ad earlier today—

UPS is not happy that the Democratic Party campaign pamphlet attacking Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown used the company’s slogan “What can Brown do for you?”
Evidently, Scott Brown is not happy about this either.

It looks like it’s time for the democrats to play defense… Can’t wait to see Obama on stage tomorrow.

UPDATE: It looks like it was the disgusting Coakley rape flyers that were sent out that the Brown Campaign is upset about:

The charges have to do with a false mailing democrats sent out stating Brown would turn rape victims away from hospitals.

UPDATE: Coakley Staffers crash Brown Press Conference!

UPDATE: Oh my… The criminal complaint is against the Democratic Party for their awful rape mailers.

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