"African-Americans For Harry Reid" Facebook Page Lists 5 Fans… 4 Are White

The African-Americans for Harry Reid Facebook Page lists 5 fans… 4 are white.

Also, The “African-Americans for Harry Reid” luncheon will go on as planned despite the reports this weekend that Reid called Barack Obama a light-skinned negro.
The Hill reported:

The Senate’s embattled majority leader is moving ahead with an “African Americans for Harry Reid” event this week as he seeks to weather a political firestorm sparked by his racially insensitive remarks about President Barack Obama.

The timing of the launch of the “African Americans for Harry Reid” campaign group, which is scheduled for Thursday in Las Vegas, is coincidental. The luncheon had been scheduled for weeks.

Reid has apologized for remarks he made in 2008 that described Obama as “”light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” The comments were reported in a new book titled, “Game Changer.”

Despite the controversy playing out in the national media, Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile is scheduled to headline the group’s launch event in Nevada. She told The Hill in an e-mail Monday that the launch “is still on, and I’m still on track to go.”

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