The Gladney Twins Need Assistance

The Gladney Twins Need Assistance…
In August of 2009, a man selling Gadsden flags was attacked, beat and stomped on by at least two purple-shirted union members outside a townhall in Mehlville.

This man, Kenneth Gladney, waited three long months for the county authorities to press charges by a heavily biased Democratic prosecutor in St Louis County. The charges were only brought after local station KMOX ran two stories about the case, including a story quoting Kenneth Gladney’s twin brother, Keith Gladney, who complained about the length of time it was taking and the lack of communication by county counselor Patricia Redington’s office.

St Louis County employs Keith Gladney as an Animal Control officer, or at least did until December 23rd, when without warning Keith was brought into an office and fired, two days before Christmas. Details of the case are not yet public, but local bloggers working in tandem with the Gladney family now believe the firing was retaliation for speaking out in defense of his brother. Keith Gladney, a hard-working family man with a stellar employment record, was terminated from his employment with the county with a questionable paper trail and with several very fishy employment practices.

The Gladney family is weighing its options, but the timing couldn’t have been worse for them or nastier by the county. Firing a man two days before Christmas, when his supervisor was already on holiday, has put an enormous strain on a family that has suffered the loss of a father, the beating of one son, and now what appears to be the retaliatory firing of another son for daring to speak out in defense of his brother.


Both brothers need help, and while offers of charity are appreciated, what both need are jobs. Keith lives in St Louis, and Kenneth lives in St Charles. If you are aware of any job leads for any of these brave Americans who stood up to petty corruption by local officials.

Jim Durbin from is the contact for this work.

He has stepped forward as a trustee for donations to the Gladney brothers to help them through this difficult time, and has set up a trust with a local bank to ensure all donations are accounted for. 100% go to the Gladney brothers. This trust is not for legal expenses, but is for short-term personal expenses for the next 60 days.

As we said, donations are welcome for the short run, as Keith has rent to pay immediately, and he was the sole source of income for his family. But both Keith and Kenneth need jobs – the ability to move past what has happened to them and contribute. Neither are asking for handouts. Both are out pounding the pavement, but any help is appreciated.

If you have a job lead or offer, or want to know more about employment, contact [email protected] with the subject “Gladney job.“ If you don’t have any leads but want to offer a few dollars, contact [email protected] with the subject line, “donations.” Jim will email you back with the details. Due to the nature of the trust, he cannot take money personally or process funds online, but donations can be made deposited directly into the bank account.

Reboot Congress has more.

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