John McCain Defends Sarah Palin in State-Run Media's Visor-Gate (Video)

“Are We in Such a World Now With Climate Change, Health Care Reform… Massive Debts and Deficits & We’re Worried About Sarah Palin’s Visor?”

Senator John McCain talked with Chris Wallace this morning on FOX News Sunday. The discussion turned to Sarah Palin’s visor flap. McCain gave a terrific response in defending his former popular running mate:

John McCain defended Sarah Palin today:

Senator McCain: Can’t you take her at her word? Sarah and I and Todd and Cindy we have a wonderful relationship. We’re dear friends. She’s going to be a force in the Republican Party for a long time and the hysterical attacks on her from the left continue to validate that.

Wallace: So what to you think of the black out?

Senator McCain: It’s fine. Sarah said she wanted to be a little incognito. I don’t blame her. I understand that. But the fact is that are we in such a world now that we have climate change, health care reform, all these issues that are going on, massive debts and deficits and we’re worried about Sarah Palin’s visor?

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