Israeli Rabbi Visits West Bank Town On Peace Mission… Gets Pelted With Rocks

Palestinians greeted Rabbi Metzger yesterday to the West Bank…
By pelting him with rocks.
Palestinians hurled rocks at Israeli soldiers who fired into the air to disperse them Monday, (AP)

UPI reported:

A senior Jewish rabbi on a peace mission to an occupied West Bank village was pelted by rocks Monday, witnesses said.

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger was in the village of Yasuf to hold talks with Palestinian leaders in the wake of an incident last week in which right-wing Jewish settlers, angry over a 10-month settlement freeze imposed by the Israeli government, burned an Arab mosque, reported.

The newspaper said the rabbi had entered the village under the protection of the Israeli Army and Palestinian police, but that on their way out, the contingent was pelted by rocks, and troops responded by firing two shots in the air and a tear gas grenade.

Note: The Palestinians will not let the Israelis investigate the crime scene. It is not clear if the fire was started by Israelis or Palestinians.

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