Former US Olympic Runner Faces Deportation – Needs Your Help

Big Hollywood’s Adam Baldwin is asking bloggers to help spread the word about Anatolie Vartosu.
Immigration is broken, alright.
Anatolie Vartosu has over 20 years experience teaching and working with children of all ages in the fields of physical education and culture, track and field, soccer and all sports. He worked extensively in Romania for SOS, an international organization in 200+ countries devoted to improving the lives of orphans worldwide. Anatolie has a lifelong passion for increasing children’s self-esteem, confidence and capabilities for success in life. He has a prestigious Master of Sports degree from Russia and Romania and is an elite athlete who qualified for the 1996 Olympics in the marathon.

Anatolie was invited to the United States in 2003 to compete in the Clearwater, Florida Marathon. He went on to win many races in the US, including the inaugural Little Rock Arkansas marathon in May, 2003. He successfully upgraded his tourist visa to a 3-year H1B working visa, to accept a job offer teaching gymnastics and soccer at a professional sports center at the Jack Rabbit’s Professional Gymnastic Club in Greenwich, Connecticut. Due to Anatolie’s enormous popularity, professionalism and effective teaching methods, enrollment skyrocketed from 80 students to over 450.

In 2006 Anatolie applied for what should have been a routine renewal of his H1B working visa for another three-year term. While the maximum standard answer time is 180 days, he waited over 18 months—which included numerous letters of support, including several from Congressman Christopher Shays—to receive the shocking answer: denied. Reason given? “overqualified” for his job—in spite of being granted his initial H1B working visa for the exact same position 3 years previously. Anatolie immediately appealed the denial and was told he would receive an answer within a maximum of 10 months. 14 months later he received the final decision regarding his appeal: dismissed—with no explanation and no right to further appeal.

To compound matters, Anatolie’s wife Maria, who is also from Romania, joined him in America in 2003. In 2007 she opened Shiny Little Stars, a Childcare Discovery Center with a partner. A highly successful, growing asset to the local community, it PROVIDES JOBS and receives glowing testimonials from its customers—parents and their delighted 2 to 5 year olds. Maria would also be forced to abandon her business and leave the country if Anatolie’s appeal is denied, as her status is dependent on his. His 6-year campaign for permanent residency in the US is at a desperate point. If justice fails him now, he and his wife will be forced to leave America for good.

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