Conservative Republican & "America's Sexiest Man" Contest Winner Gains Momentum in Massachusetts Senate Race

Scott Brown, a former Cosmo Centerfold contest winner and conservative Republican from Massachusetts, is gaining momentum in the US Senate race to replace liberal Senator Ted Kennedy.

Scott Brown won Cosmo’s “America’s Sexiest Man” contest and appeared in the June 1982 issue.
Legal Insurrection has the latest:

There is Scott Brown the Senate candidate in Massachusetts, and there is Scott Brown, the musician in New Zealand. They each have Twitter accounts, but the Scott Brown from Down Under laid claim to @ScottBrown first, and the Senate candidate had to resort to @ScottBrownMA.

As the Boston Globe reports, in the past few days, as @ScottBrownMA has gained momentum through bloggers and twitterers and other social media, @ScottBrown has been inundated with people seeking @ScottBrownMA.

Despite, or maybe because of, Martha Coakley’s high profile as Massachusetts Attorney General, there doesn’t seem to be any grassroots enthusiasm for her campaign. Coakley has a sense of entitlement, but Brown is experiencing a groundswell of support.

Coakley’s Twitter account (@MarthaCoakley) has 1915 followers compared to 2322 for @ScottBrownMA.

Brown’s Facebook page has 8689 fans versus 6255 at Coakley‘s Facebook page. The BrownBrigade online network has 2517 members; I could find nothing similar for Coakley.

Clearly, despite lower name recognition, less money, and without the powerful union and entrenched political interests behind him, Scott Brown is gaining momentum the new-fashioned way. Will there be enough time to translate this momentum into votes?

Spread the word, by voice, e-mail, Tweet, Facebook, whatever.

By the way, Scott Brown’s daughter was a finalist on American Idol a few years back. He’s a good guy, and an attractive conservative candidate.

Here’s a great ad put out by the Scott Brown Campaign:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown and President Kennedy are two different people, from different parties and different eras, but they agree that broad-based tax cuts will create jobs and stimulate the economy. In this creative campaign ad, Brown and Kennedy take turns reading from the same 1962 Kennedy speech calling for tax cuts.


Scott Brown’s New Year’s ad is pretty good, too.

Jules Crittenden has more on Scott Brown’s campaign.

UPDATE: BG found a video of Ayla Brown singing the Star Spangled Banner with the Boston Pops– Terrific!

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