CODE RED RALLY at Claire McCaskill's St. Louis Office

Dozens of patriots protested against the democrat’s nationalized health care plan today at Senator Claire McCaskill’s office in St. Louis City.
claire 3
(Photo via Ed Schultz)
Dana Loesch reported on the rally yesterday:


Senators in Washington DC, called a CODE RED on the same day and time to meet there with them to stand against Reid and his attempt to ram this through the Senate.
This is day and this is the hour to take a stand for your Health Care Freedom!
We need all the minutemen!!!
If you can’t join us be sure to call McCaskill on Tuesday. It has been a problem getting through Senator McCaskill’s Washington DC office to even leave a voicemail. Try to get through and if you can’t, call Senator Bond’s office (202-224-5721) and ask his staff to deliver a message to the Junior Senator for you. Wouldn’t that be a treat to see, Bond’s staffers running over to McCaskill’s office with handsful of phone messages!!! After you call DC, call each of McCaskill’s district offices where we have been successful in getting through to either a live person or at least been able to leave a voicemail.

claire 2
(Photo via Ed Schultz)

Michelle Moore at a Traditional Life Lived is livestreaming the protest.


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