Turncoat RINO Lindsey Graham Still Working With Dems On Global Warming Junk Science Bill

Junk Scientist Lindsey Graham is still working with democrats on the job-killing cap-and-tax bill in the US Senate.
McClatchy reported:

When it comes to combating global warming, Sen. Lindsey Graham is right where he loves to be — ahead of the curve, in the mix on a major issue, at the table for high-level, bipartisan talks behind closed doors.

Graham, a South Carolina Republican, is working with Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut to craft a climate change bill.

They face the dual challenge of overcoming widespread GOP opposition and withstanding relentless attacks by Big Oil and allied energy interests.


“Our goal is to create a vision that not only will help this planet — which I think is in peril — but will create millions of new jobs for Americans who need them, and help us become energy independent to make us safer,” Graham told a crowded Capitol Hill news conference Wednesday.

Kerry, Lieberman and Graham held private meetings with Energy Secretary Steven Chu , Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and former EPA chief Carol Browner , now President Barack Obama’s top adviser on climate change.

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