BLUE DOG DEM CAUGHT ON TAPE– Says He's OK With Jailtime For No Insurance (Video)

So-called Blue Dog Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) told constituents that he is OK with jailing Americans who don’t buy health insurance:

Steve in Chicago was at the event and asked Rep. Lipinski if he was OK with jailing Americans for not purchasing health insurance:

I attended a townhall meeting held by my Congressman, Dan Lipinski (D), Illinois, 3rd District. Rep. Lipiniski voted for HR 3962 and asked if someone could tell him how they are forced to go on the public option. I was happy to explain it to him.

I pointed out to the Congressman that we need look no further than Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s own words – she believes it’s fair for people to go to jail if they don’t purchase insurance. I asked Congressman Lipinski two questions:

1) Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi that it’s fair to throw the uninsured in jail? and

2) If the public option is just an option and no one is forced to take it, why are people going to be thrown in jail if they don’t?

For those of you who are surprised to learn that people will be required to buy insurance, and if they don’t they will be fined and jailed, it’s in HR 3962.

I didn’t bother asking about the constituion this time since I was certain that question would be blown off even more readily.

Yeah. That Lipinski sounds like a real moderate.

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