Goodness. Sarah Palin Favorable Rating 47%… Barack Obama Job Approval Rating 46%

Bill O’Reilly reported on the the latest FOX News poll tonight.
Sarah Palin’s favorable rating is now at 47%:
palin approval

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s job approval rating is now at 46%:
obama approval
This was reported earlier on Palin’s rising star.
FOX News reported:

As Sarah Palin blankets the media on a whirlwind book promotion tour, the former vice-presidential contender is clearly back on America’s radar screen. Despite being characterized by many as a divisive force in her party and the nation, Americans are much more likely to give Palin a positive rating (47 percent favorable) than another prominent female leader — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (28 percent favorable). Moreover, about six in 10 Americans (61 percent) think Palin has been treated unfairly by the press, according to the latest Fox News poll.

Wait until the state-run media hears this.

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