HUNDREDS Wait to See Sarah Palin in Freezing Cold at 5 AM in Detroit (Video)

She’s Ba-ack…
Palin Book Tour
People wait in line at Woodland Mall in Kentwood, Mich. Wednesday just after sunrise, to get a bracelet at Barnes&Noble that will allow them to meet Sarah Palin and get a signed copy of her new book “Going Rogue. (Detroit News)

The state run media thought they had destroyed Sarah Palin…
But, here she is months later– standing tall, bashing the socialists & Mao supporters in the White House, and going rogue.

Over 1,500 waited in line at 4 AM this morning in the freezing cold to get a chance to see Sarah Palin at her book signing later today.
WZZM reported:

It was 4:55 when the first cheer went up.

“Sarah! Sarah! Sarah”

And that’s 4:55 this morning when the thermometer had dipped into the 30s. But the 500 or so people in line didn’t mind the sleepless night or the onset of winter.

“What she represents is what we’re standing in line for,” said Robin Case, 44, of Traverse City, who set up a chair and sleeping bag at 9 p.m. Tuesday to make sure she got the chance to meet Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate. “She’s real and she’s standing up for what we believe in.”

Palin was scheduled to begin her “Going Rogue” book tour at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers at the Woodland Mall in Kentwood.

By 7 a.m., the line had swelled to more than 1,500 people as Barnes & Noble wrapped orange wristbands around Palin fans’ wrists.

The Blog Prof has more from Michigan.


UPDATE: 10,000 reportedly turned out in Michigan to greet Sarah Palin.

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