House Votes on Stupak Abortion Amendment …Update: Stupak Amendment Passes

(09:00 CST) The US House members are voting on the Stupak Amendment that would ban abortion funding from the democrat’s nationalized health care bill.

It’s a 15 minute vote.

Democrats will likely stuff abortion funding back into the bill after the nationalized health care legislation is passed. This vote was just a way for blue dogs to save face.
60+ dems vote for stripping abortion funding THAT WAS NEVER THERE, we were repeatedly told by Barack Obama.
He lied.


UPDATE: The Stupak Amendment passes 240-194-1 with 174 Republicans and 64 democrats voting yes.

Previously: House dems are outraged that the Stupak Amendment would ban abortion that Obama said would not be covered in the the health care bill… But it is.

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