Hoffman Down in NY-23 …Update: FOX News Calls Race – Owens Wins (Video)

FOX News calls the race for Democrat Owens:

The polls in NY-23 close at 9:00 Eastern.
Doug Hoffman is now favored to win the hotly contested contest.
The Hill reported:

De facto Republican nominee Doug Hoffman is now favored to win Tuesday’s special election in upstate New York.

Two new polls showed Hoffman with significant leads in the race, including by double digits in one of them. Yet in a contest full of anomalies, and after a weekend that included the GOP nominee’s withdrawal and cross-party endorsement, neither side is calling the race at this point.

UPDATE: Hoffman is down by 5% and 2,500 votes with 39% reporting.


UPDATE: FOX News– With 86% of the votes counted Owens leads Hoffman 49-45%.

UPDATE 2: HotAir is following the vote in NY-23.

UPDATE 3: FOX news just called the race for Owens.
That’s too bad.

UPDATE 4: Michelle Malkin discusses the GOP’s $1 million lesson.

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