CNN Calls Fort Hood Killer Hasan a "Conservative"

Now that the whole world knows that Fort Hood killer Nidal Hasan is an Islamist terrorist and nobody’s buying that he’s a victim, the state-run media’s moved on to a new tactic and are calling this Islamic radical a “conservative.”
Rush Limbaugh reported on this today:

RUSH: The media is twisting itself into pretzels — pretzels! — doing everything they can to deny the obvious reality of Fort Hood. Last night, CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, Special Investigations Correspondent Drew Griffin reported this about the Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan.

GRIFFIN: Hasan made NO attempt to hide his religion or his conservative Muslim ideology, which is exactly why some experts are convinced Nidal Hasan is NOT a terrorist.

RUSH: Outrageous on two counts! There is nothing “conservative” about Islamofascism. These people in the media continue to refer to anything they think is evil as “conservative.”

That’s pretty sick stuff by CNN but not surprising.
It’s right up their with their conservative teabagger jokes.

By the way Hasan was known to frequent strip clubs, was against the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and said that Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor America.
This hardly sounds like your typical American conservative.

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