Census Worker Committed Suicide– Was Not Murdered By Tea Party Protesters

Police confirmed today that the Kentucky census worker who was found hanging from a tree committed suicide .
The left blamed his death on the anti-tax and spend tea party protesters.
The man wrote “Fed” on his chest (backwards) before he hung himself.

FOX News reported:

A Kentucky Census worker found hanging from a tree with the word “fed” written on his chest killed himself and staged his death to look like a murder, authorities said Tuesday.

Kentucky State Police said Bill Sparkman died at the same location where his body was found Sept. 12 near a cemetery in a heavily wooded area of southeastern Kentucky.

A man who found the body in the Daniel Boone National Forest said the 51-year-old was bound with duct tape, gagged and had an identification badge taped to his neck.

Investigators say Sparkman acted alone in manipulating the scene to conceal the suicide.

Sparkman had recently taken out two life insurance policies that would not pay out for suicide, police said.

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