Breaking: Wounded Cop Killer Maurice Clemmons Eludes Officers in Washington- Campus Warned

The killer of four police officers yesterday in Washington eluded officials today after he was thought to be holed up in a Seattle home.
free killer
Ex-con Maurice Clemmons at one time faced more than 100 years behind bars.
The LA Times reported:

Police surrounded a Seattle house early today, attempting to close in on a 37-year-old landscaper with a dense criminal history who allegedly shot and killed four police officers in a suburban coffee shop.

Police initially said they were unsure whether the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, was wounded or dead, but shortly after dawn they moved in on the house, only to find it empty.

Police said Clemmons, who had been released from the Pierce County jail only a week before Sunday morning’s shootings, may have tried to treat his own wounds or possibly was aided by others.

People who know Clemmons told investigators that he had been shot in the torso.

CAMPUS WARNED: The University of Washington police have alerted students to an unconfirmed report that the suspect in the Lakewood police shootings may have been sighted on or near the campus in Seattle.

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