Breaking: MASSACRE AT FT. HOOD; 12 dead, 31 injured (Video) … Update: Shooter- Malik Nadal Hasan …Update: Previously at Walter Reed …Update: Shooter Wounded-Not Dead

At least 7 dead so far and 20 injured at the largest military installation in the world.  I will update this as more info comes available.
At least 7 are dead and 30 were injured after 3 gunmen opened fire on a crowd at Fort Hood in Texas.
Reuters reported:

At least seven people were killed and 12 wounded in a shooting at the Fort Hood, Texas, U.S. Army base Thursday, local media reported.

One gunman was in custody and another was on the loose at the military base, one of the largest military installations in the world, local media reported. There could be a third shooter involved, MSNBC reported.

Via FOX News– The FBI says terrorism was not involved. The shootings began about 1:30 p.m. Thursday at a personnel and medical processing center at Ft. Hood. 6 of the 7 victims were military.

The base is still on lockdown.


MSNBC is already speculating that it’s a mentally ill US Soldier but there’s no evidence of that at this point.  Just the anti-military left’s early talking points

Kxxv – All available EMS units in and around Killeen are being dispatched to Fort Hood where a “mass casualty event” has taken place.

News Channel 25 has learned a shooting has left seven people dead and 12 injured.

The Nolanville Fire Department tells News Channel 25 that they’ve been asked to bring all available EMS and Rescue personnel.

*update* there are reports of 3 gunmen now.  Still holed up at the base.  Shootings still going on. 2 gunmen still on the loose.

*update* Here’s a video update from ABC News

*update* Tom Elia reporting that “shooting started at the House Theater and then moved to an athletic complex.”

*Update* CNN is now saying 12 dead

*Update* US Army Twitter account: @USArmy: Fort Hood officials confirm 12 dead, 31 wounded in Fort Hood shooting. Installation remains locked down.

*update* Breaking News on twitter confirms 2 suspects arrested 1 killed

*Update* CBS affiliate WGME is reporting that all 3 gunmen are US soldiers.

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Here’s the video from teh press conference:

UPDATE: US Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan Identified As Primary Shooter At Fort Hood.
ABC has more on Malik.
He is a convert to Islam.
FOX News: “This was a deliberate act of execution.”
Hasan was an MD psychiatrist.

UPDATE: Malik was previously stationed at Walter Reed.
The killer had completed a fellowship in disaster and preventative psychiatry. He received a poor performance evaluation at Walter Reed.

UPDATE: This was jihad.

UPDATE: George Stratton III was one of those shot at Fort Hood.
Rest in peace.

UPDATE: Malik’s cousin Nader Hasan said that Malik was upset because he was abused he recieved in the military.

UPDATE: Via FOX News and the latest military press conference- The shooter is wounded and not dead.

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