White House Tells CNN They Are Punishing FOX News (Video)

The White House is upset that FOX News does not fall in line with the other networks.
They can’t understand why FOX won’t factcheck SNL skits like the other good networks.

White House Communications Chief Anita Dunn whined about FOX News… again… for 9 minutes today:

Dunn also admits that Obama was punishing FOX News by not going on the network.
It hasn’t seemed to hurt their ratings much. FOX just claimed the top 10 cable news programs in in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

It’s just too bad this White House cannot point out any specific inaccuracies aired by the network.


The White House also whined about FOX News this week in TIME Magazine.
Obama, of course, has received a record amount of positive coverage from the media this year.

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