US Troops Enjoy Salsa & Yoga Classes in Iraq Thanks to Massive Success of Bush Surge

The surge was so successful that Iraqi children are back in school and US troops are taking classes, too.
iraq school
Elementary school students walk home from school at lunch time in the Radwaniyah area of Baghdad, Oct. 19, 2009. (Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Edwin L. Wriston, Joint Combat Camera Center MNF-Iraq)

Try as they might, democrats were unsuccessful in persuading President George W. Bush to surrender to the terrorists in Iraq.
Today things are so calm that US troops are taking salsa and yoga classes to pass the time.
USA Today reported, via Drudge:

Pfc. Adrian Vesik heard that war could be hell.
He was happy to discover when he arrived in Iraq earlier this year that his war experience also would include salsa dancing, yoga and martial-arts classes.

“When I signed up for the Army, I thought I was going to be a hero — go out and do some fighting,” says Vesik, 19, during a break at a Filipino-Okinawan jujitsu class. “I haven’t come close to doing anything that I was trained to do. I work, maybe, four to five hours a day. I have time to try all these new things. It’s not so bad.”

Because of new rules that require Iraqi approval for all U.S. missions, and a general decline in violence nationwide, many of the 117,000 U.S. troops stationed in Iraq say they now have more idle time than at any previous point in the six-year war.

No thanks to democrats.

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