Taliban Attack Pakistan Pentagon — Take Several Hostages (Video)

Earlier this week the White House said they thought that allowing the Taliban killers back into the Afghanistan government was a great idea.
Today this terrorist group pulled off a major attack at the Pakistan Pentagon:

Today the Taliban attacked the Pakistan Pentagon, killed 6 soldiers and kidnapped 10-15 security personnel.
The BBC reported:

A number of militants who earlier attacked Pakistan’s military HQ near Islamabad have taken 10-15 security personnel hostage, the army says.

Military officials said the attackers were surrounded, and efforts were being made to recover the hostages safely.

Six soldiers and four militants were killed in the initial attack as gunmen attacked the compound in Rawalpindi.

The military first said the situation was under control, but two militants were later reported to have escaped.

Pakistan’s army later said up to five militants were holding the hostages inside a building within the compound.

The assault was the third major militant attack in Pakistan in the last week and came as the government said it was planning an imminent offensive against Islamist militants.

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