Rush on Busted Rams Bid: "Obama's America On Full Display"

Rush Limbaugh discussed the NFL’s decision to block him from minority owner of the St. Louis Rams.

The popular radio host described it as, “Obama’s America on full display.”

Rush discussed the smear machine behind the racist attacks against him this week.
Real Clear Politics has a report:

On his syndicated show Thursday, Limbaugh said he was approached by St. Louis Blues chairman Dave Checketts earlier this year about participating in a Rams bid.

He also said Checketts assured him his involvement as a minority investor had been vetted by the National Football League.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Colts owner Jim Irsay both expressed misgivings this week about Limbaugh’s involvement. Late Wednesday, Checketts said Limbaugh had been dropped from the bid.

Limbaugh says he believes he has been made an example by a players’ union seeking leverage in talks over a new collective bargaining agreement. And he says he believes what happened to him was an illustration of “Obama’s America on full display.”

Meanwhile… Jeff Gordon at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch continued to smear Limbaugh today.

Gordon ought to start reading Power Line who offered this on the media attacks:

A final observation, perhaps too obvious to require saying: It’s no coincidence that Democratic Party outlets like CNN had to dredge up fake quotes to make their case. Nothing Rush actually said would do the trick, even though he’s been on the radio three hours a day, five days a week, for more than twenty years. That really tells you all you need to know.

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