Rush Limbaugh Slams Media & Race "Hustlers" Al and Jesse (Video)

“I’m not even thinking of caving. I’m not a caver. None of us are. We have been betrayed by too many who have caved. Pioneers take the arrows. We are pioneers.”

Rush Limbaugh
Answering the Smear Machine
October 14, 2009

Via Breitbart

Here is Rush today on the race baiters Sharpton and Jackson:


Now, I’m not trying to elevate this Rams situation beyond its reality because it’s just a subset of this and it’s nothing new. This is just the latest attack. It happens to be more intense than ever, and the leaders of this movement happen to be the august characters of Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Remember both of these two hustlers quickly raced down to North Carolina, and they convicted the Duke lacrosse players. They were convinced the Duke lacrosse players were guilty as charged when the whole thing was a lie. That whole episode was based on a lie and the media believed it. And you remember how outraged everybody was about it. To this day there have been no apologies, there have been no apologies from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the faculty at Duke or anybody that jumped on that case and presumed, because of a prejudice and bigotry, that those white lacrosse players were guilty as charged. You didn’t even need any evidence, it just fit the template.

You got a poor black dancer struggling to stay afloat being hired by a bunch of rich jocks to come over and perform at a party at midnight. Oh, yeah, makes total sense that they would sexually abuse her. Oh, yeah, we don’t even have to question this. Women don’t lie about these kinds of things. And we all know the result of this. And Sharpton and Jackson haven’t said a word about it, they haven’t been held to account nor has anybody been held to account for spreading that lie. That was also an effort to destroy mainstream conservatism. That is what this Obama administration is about, that is what the Democrat Party is, of course, about. And of course now they all have allies in the media, which has sadly lost any dignity, character, and professionalism that it ever had. We have Al Sharpton, who made his bones rabble-rousing and promoting a hoax, which resulted in a policeman being tried. The whole thing was a hoax, and Al Sharpton’s credibility rises to the top. Al Sharpton belongs in this smear. It is a smear characterized by mischaracterization and lies.

By the way, hymies, I think Jesse Jackson called Jews in New York and called New York Hymietown in a conversation with the Washington Post. These are the paragons of virtue that today’s media rely on for source information, for characterization of other people’s fitness. Sharpton, Jackson the perfect drivers of this bus that runs on the fuel of fabrication, emitting its noxious fumes all over the place with a bouffant of righteous indignation and outrage while they’re at the wheel. This is how Sharpton rose to fame with Tawana Brawley. People know him for what he is now, but that’s not the point. Sharpton got himself a nice ride out of that episode. Sharpton’s credibility was enhanced. He’s now a go-to guy for a corrupt national media. There’s a whole bunch of people that have tickets to ride with Sharpton on his bus and Jesse Jackson, and they’re all of the same character…

When the truth comes out, will it be too late? Yeah, for some things possibly, but the big picture, the pursuit of truth is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and the truth always wins when it comes out. I know this for a fact. This is all not just about me. It’s about every one of us and what kind of country we’re going to have and the effort to discredit those who speak up for liberty, fairness, capitalism, freedom, those of us who speak up pose the biggest threat to the left in this country today. Individualism, rugged individualism, this is not desired, it’s not wanted. And so anybody who has the ability to speak up and be persuasive about it is going to be targeted for a smear and for destruction.

There’s much more here.

More… Rush also slammed Sheila Jackson Lee for spreading lies on the House floor.

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