Report: Zelaya Will Be Exiled to Spain?– Charged With Crimes If He Returns to Honduras …Update: Another Report– Zelaya Headed to Spain

Here’s the latest on the Zelaya-Micheletti Honduras standoff–
An agreement was reached last night but was not made public. Today the government will release the news as representatives from both sides continue to work on the details.

The initial reports that Manuel Zelaya would be reinstated as president were not accurate.

The latest speculation comes from my sources inside the Micheletti government.
President Micheletti will step down and may be moved to a position connected to the Honduran Supreme Court.


Former President Manuel Zelaya will be exiled to Spain. If he comes back to Honduras he will be charged for his many crimes discovered by the current government after Zelaya was ousted for circumventing the Honduran Constitution.

Another official will step in as president until elections in November.

It looks like Obama got this one wrong.
As Charles Krauthammer said, “Look a rule of thumb here is whenever you find yourself on the side of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and the Castro twins you ought to re-examine your assumptions.”

UPDATE: Fausta has another report that also suggests that Zelaya is heading to Spain.

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