Letterman Admits to Affairs After Extortion Plot– Audience Cracks Up (Video)

David Letterman admitted to having relationships with women staff members last night on his show.
For some strange reason the audience loved it and cheered:

A CBS producer was indicted for attempting to extort $2 million from David Letterman.
The producer threatened to release photos and a screenplay(?) unless Letterman paid him the $2 million.
FOX News reported:

A longtime CBS News producer has been indicted for allegedly attempting to extort $2 million from late night comedian David Letterman.

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau announced the indictment Friday against Robert (Joe) Halderman, a 51-year-old producer of the true-crime show “48 Hours.” Halderman, of Connecticut, is charged with one count of attempted grand larceny. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

The alleged attempt, which took place last month, led the married Letterman to announce to his “Late Show” studio audience and millions of viewers Thursday that he had engaged in sexual relationships with female members of his staff.

According to Morgenthau, an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office revealed that Halderman waited outside of Letterman’s home at 6 a.m. on Sept. 9 to deliver a package of embarrassing e-mails and photographic proof of the affairs to the comedian inside his limousine. Letterman said Halderman threatened to release a screenplay that would ruin his reputation.

An unidentified attorney for Letterman subsequently took the evidence to the prosecutor’s office, which set up an undercover sting at a hotel. Three additional meetings took place, which were recorded by the attorney under the guidance of New York police detectives. On Sept. 30, Halderman was presented with a phony check for $2 million, which he deposited in his bank account.

Now imagine how the state-run media would play this if it were Glenn Beck instead of David Letterman.

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