Kook Lib Russell Simmons: God Will Destroy Us If We Don't Follow Obama

Oh brother. Hollywood elitist Russell Simmons warns America about turning on The One.

(Peoples Cube)
Simmons damns America if we do not acquiesce to Dear Leader’s total remake of America.
Here are a couple of quotes highlighted by Big Hollywood:

America, our country is under indictment. And we will be found guilty if we don’t act. If we allow these nasty, malicious people, who harbor so much hate with views that separate us from the rest of world, to continue to tell us how to think, we will be found guilty of charge one.

…If we allow leaders of a political party that only know one word, and that is “no,” to work against the best interests of our country, we will not only be found guilty of charge four, we will be sentenced by God to self-destruction.

Of course, some may argue that just the reverse is true.

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