Gig'em Aggies!… HUNDREDS Protest Barack Obama at Texas A&M (Video)

Gig’em Aggies!
Hundreds of people protested Barack Obama at Texas A&M University today.

My FOX FW reported:

Several hundred protesters have gathered at Texas A&M University to protest President Barack Obama’s visit to the campus.

The protesters gathered Friday hours before Obama was to speak on the College Station campus at the invitation of former President George H.W. Bush. The protesters were allowed to gather at a park near the auditorium where Obama would speak but he would not be able to see them as a parking garage blocked the view from the park.

The president is set to speak at a Friday forum on community service.

Bush had said the event was not political. Nevertheless, the protesters gave speeches criticizing Obama’s efforts to reform health care. Many of the protesters were from anti-tax Tea Party groups that bused in members from around the state.

The Bushes asked conservatives not to protest President Obama on the same day that Obama blamed Bush again for the dismal economy.
Some things never change.

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