Gateway Pundit Blog Is Moving

After several years of blogging I am finally leaving my blogspot location.
Google has made several significant updates over the years. Blogspot is a great user-friendly blogging software today. For those of you who want to start a blog I would definitely recommend you try blogspot.

I am moving this blog over to First Things website today. Some of you may recognize the website. The Anchoress has been blogging at First Things for over a year now.

So there may be some changes going on during the day. I am not sure how much downtime there will be during the transition. Fortunately, I will be flying back to St. Louis so hopefully the transition will have taken place before I get back home.

Comments will move from Haloscan to WordPress but they will still be open at the new location so you will not need to register for now. Anyone will be able to comment as long as they provide a name and email address.

***How long will the change take? ***
On Sunday, we’ll backup the blogspot site one more time and upload the latest entries to the new location at First Things. Once that is complete the change should be automatic. You shouldn’t notice any differences at all—- other than the new look and location of the blog.

The blogger archives may take some time to transfer over. I have 15,000 previous posts that need to be moved. See you at the new site and thank you for your support and patience.

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