MSNBC Uses Former Writer for Communist Party Website to Slander Rush …Update: Origins of Racist Smear Revealed

MSNBC used proud socialist Dave Zirin to slander Rush Limbaugh yesterday.

Before writing for the far left Nation magazine Dave Zirin wrote for the Socialist Worker’s Party.

Here is another article the hardcore socialist Zirin wrote a few months back:

And, here is the former communist party website contributor bashing Rush Limbaugh yesterday:

MSNBC forgot to mention that Dave Zirin is a raving socialist during the segment.

Hat Tip JB


Rush later corrected the racist slander directed at him this past week by the state-run media.

UPDATE: It looks like we now know who started one of the racist Rush smears…

Smash Mouth Politics put a timeline on the smears. He has more on the state-run media’s racist attacks on Rush Limbaugh.

Evidently, an anonymous commenter named “Cobra” spread racist lies about Rush on the internet starting in 2005.

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