Figures. Coward Alan Grayson Stacks Health Care Townhall Meeting

Bomb-thrower Grayson Stacks Townhall–
Coward Alan Grayson stacked his townhall last night with supporters.
Grayson has been attacking Republicans relentlessly the past week and claimed that the nation’s health care crisis was like the Holocaust.

But, Grayson wasn’t brave enough to face his constituents face to face so he stacked his meeting last night.
WDBO reported:

In his first town hall since garnering national attention for harshly criticizing Republicans on health care reform, Congressman Alan Grayson held a town hall in Tavares Monday night. Just a little over 200 people attended.

Grayson received some flack for again holding a town hall in a small venue, but he told reporters he didn’t choose the location.

“The county actually suggested this venue, as did the police,” he said.

With a crowd about 75 percent for to 25 against, it was a stacked deck. But he still took questions from all sides – like this man who wanted to know why Democrats are ignoring GOP suggestions.

“There are actually 13 of them that the Republicans have offered.”

But Grayson says none of them have been sent to the CBO to find out if their feasible…

Over 100 people gathered outside the town hall meeting where they waived homemade signs and chanted “read the bill” and “Grayson lies.”

Some, like Bobby Linn, tried to get tickets.

“I tried to get in,” he said. “I called [Grayson’s] office the day after the email went out and I couldn’t get in.”

The protesters said they don’t believe Grayson’s claims that health care reform won’t force the government to raise taxes on middle class Americans.

“It’s gotta come from somewhere,” Linn added.

Some people who left the town hall after getting frustrated told the protesters what was going on inside – that the crowd was stacked with Grayson supporters.

WFTV has video of the protesters.

Grayson was confronted during the townhall anyway:

Via FOX Nation

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