Far Left Creates New Crude Website to Smear Christians & Tea Party Protesters (Updated)

Far left loons have now put together a Teabagging for Jesus website to smear Christians and conservatives in one crude hate website.

If anyone knows where this photo originated before it was photoshopped please let me know. This photo is being passed around by a prominent democrat.

It’s not the only far left Teabagging for Jesus website so it’s not even original.

UPDATE: Tom W. discovered this on the doctored image:


Hi, Jim:

I played with the contrast in the teabagging photo, and there’s
clearly an image under it–a woman’s face. You can see the eye,
eyebrow, bangs, nose, and the lips, which are below the “B” in

The writing looks like it was done with a computer mouse, and the
American flag in the upper left corner of the poster looks pasted in.

This should help. Any ideas?

UPDATE 2: Tom W. says it is Marilyn Monroe on the poster–

So any ideas where the original came from?

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