Far Left Haters Have Even Infiltrated the Greeting Card Industry

I was picking out a birthday card for a family member this weekend at Walgreens when I saw these conservative-bashing cards…

The Sarah Palin-bashing birthday card:
palin card
“I can totally see it from my house.”
This, of course, is a spinoff from SNL’s Palin smear that she could see Russia from her house.

And, of course they are still pushing the Bush-bashing card–
bush card 1
“We just got 100 Brazillian troops to finish up in Iraq.”
(They misspelled Brazilian.)

bush card 2
“How much is a Brazillion?”

On the other hand, the Obama cards were positive and celebrated hopenchange.

How sad. We’re not even safe from their filthy propaganda in a greeting card aisle.

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