Caught On Tape– Chavista Thugs Steal Farmer's Land

A. M. Mora y Leon passed on this video from Venezuela. The farmer had been working the land of 100 hectares for 30 years. It was his only residence.
Chavista thugs have come to steal a farmer’s land. The farmer films the thievery:

Fausta posted a brief translation of the video.

A. M. Mora y Leon adds:

A Venezuelan with a cellphone camera had the presence of mind to film his own farm’s expropriation by Chavista thugs. Can you imagine if such technology were available during Lenin’s Kulak persecutions? Or Castro’s thieving? Or Mao’s cultural revolution? It boggles the mind how the world is changing and I hope this youtube makes an impact.

This video is a good reminder of the evils of Marxism in case we ever see it rear its ugly head on our shores.

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