Baucus Fantasy Plan Would Result In Sharp Increase in Taxes

Kevin Aylward at Wizbang discovered what the state-run media won’t tell you.
The Baucus Fantasy Plan gets a clean CBO scorecard by raising your taxes:

Baucus Plan page 2 (pdf)

The suggestion by the CBO that the dem’s health care plan would save billions is pure fantasy as we all know the federal government does not exactly have a record of operating under budget…
Just look at social security that could possibly default within 2 years.
Kevin Aylward added:

Ignore for a moment the net cost of $829 billion, instead focus on how the the plan (despite what nearly every media outlet is reporting, it’s not a bill) achieves its reduction in the federal deficit. The numbers are right there…

** $201 billion in revenues from the excise tax – Tax hike for those currently insured
**$110 billion in net savings from other sources – Perhaps these “savings” won’t be passed along to you in the form of increased fees…
**spending changes that CBO estimates would save $404 billion – Medicare cuts, caps, and reimbursement changes, the costs of which will ultimately be borne by Medicare recipients
And my favorite, the footnote…

**$180 billion in additional revenues – New taxes

The Baucus Obamacare Plan would also raise money by fining those who do not purchase the plan… Or jailing them.

Baucus Plan page 2 (pdf)

$829 billion over the next decade to insure fewer than 10 percent of the population?
It’s a solution only a big spending liberal could love.

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